Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY{1} - Teapot and Teacup Arrangements

As some of my closer friends and family know...I was a wedding coordinator for almost 2 years and I loved it! I still get asked by many friends and family on what they should do for their wedding, or engagement parties,etc. Over a year ago, I posted on here that I will start putting things up on my blog that inspires me or things that I love in regards to weddings, or DIY projects... I got so busy with so many things that I never got around to it. So I am finally going to start! Recently I've gotten asked quite a few times, "what's a great DIY project that I can do for my even"t...and I love projects like that. So every week I'll be posting up a fun DIY project that I found online and that I love! If you have anything that you've done as well and that you love, you can email it to me at and if I love it as well I'll be more than happy to share it!

I love tea! So when I saw these two arrangements....well I was in love! :)
I can picture myself doing this for a fun girls day, hosting a tea party. You can do this I think for anything really. From a tea party, to having it done at your wedding! I love it and I hope you do to!

You can find out how these two were created here and here!


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stacy able said...

I had no idea you were a wedding planner-- this idea is so so cute! I have to grab my old tea pot from my mom now!!