Wednesday, June 09, 2010

DIY{2} - flag garlands

I think flag garlands are so much fun! You can use them for anything! Kid's birthday parties, Christmas or any other holiday, and even your wedding! Here is a photo courtesy of Martha Stewart so you know what I'm talking about! hehe
aren't they so much fun?!

Well I found an amazing easy to follow step-by-step instruction on Justin & Mary Marantz site here. But I'll copy her post below:
Paper flag garlands always make me (Julia) smile. They are so cute and festive and fun. They can be hung almost anywhere: in door frames, behind the couple, on chairs, or tables- and in my opinion make the perfect accent to any decor! Since they are the perfect decoration, we HAD to try to make some of our own!! In order to make ours fit with the Lemonade theme we chose pastel colors and mixed in some fun prints to liven it up! This project is pretty simple but the results definitely aren't! This is a great one to try if you don't have much time but want to add a little extra touch of special to your reception!

In order to start this project, we needed 12x12 craft paper in various colors/patterns, a ruler, a pen, a cutting board, a hole punch, a rotary trimmer, and some pretty ribbon.

First we made the template for the flags. We cut the paper in half by drawing a line at the 6 inch mark. Then we made three dots along the top at 2, 6. and 10 inches. And two dots on the bottom line at 4 and 8 inches. Pretty simple huh?

Then we connected the dots so it looked like this! A little front and back view for you! Each 12X12 makes 10 flags- so you don't need much paper to get a whole lotta garland!! 

Next we used the ruler and rotary trimmer to cut out the flags. Look how cute they are!

Off camera we kept cutting more flags until we had a bunch in each color. We got all of these out of 5 pieces of paper (and only used half of each piece!!)

Next we used the hole punch on each corner. Then we strung the ribbon through the holes ... and the final result, looked, like, ....


Seriously though, does it get any cuter ...or easier? 

Hope you enjoyed this post everyone! Also, if you are interested in fabric garlands, check them out on here from twigs and thistle!


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