Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankful Friday!

This week I am so incredibly thankful for:
- my sister nicky, who cleaned up all of my mess in the garage....just because. And her lovely notes she has left for me at the top of the staircase for me to read.
-  i'm thankful for the open road in the countryside really close to my house. Its so beautiful, and if I ever just need to get out and drive, that's the place to go. Plus...I haven't seen a cop yet ;) lol
- i'm thankful for my friend, who introduced me to google voice last night....LOVE it!
- i'm thankful for friends who are asking me to second shoot weddings with them this year! I couldn't be more than excited, not only to spend time with them, but to be helping out! THANK YOU thank you thank YOU!
- i'm thankful for all the inquiries I got this week, for me to shoot weddings next year! Crossing my fingers and praying I get them! They all sound like great weddings!
- i'm thankful for new friendships

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Here is a beautiful dandelion (SOOC)
ps. What are you thankful for this week?!



Ravyn said...

Love the thankful Friday post :) I'm thankful that my husband mowed today ... and got rid of all of the dandelions, haha. I love the photo! :)

diana said...

thank you ravyn!
i just started the thankful friday posts last week! :)
i would be thankful too for the mowing! thankfully i live in an apartment..this dandelion was across the street on an empty lot! ;)
have a beautiful weekend! and thank you for your comment!

Lidia said...

I am thankful that even though I totally messed up Andrei's hair from my first attempt at a haircut with those buzz clippers... he tells me he loves it even though I know it looks horrible!

I'm especially thankful every day I can talk to you on my drive home from work! it makes that hour fly by...

niks said...

I am thankful for your kind words.
I am thankful that even you though you cant help me your are still willing to ask if I need help on hw like today.
I am thankful God blessed me with a sister like you (and Lidia, if you see this)