Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Napa Valley Part II

My first trip to Napa! I didn't get to see too much, but from the few hours spent there, I loved it and I cannot wait to go back, and maybe next time spend a weekend there!

Since my family and I got to Napa kind of late, we didn't get the chance to do much wine tasting. We did a little though at our first stop, which was at Merryvale Winery. When I walked in, the first thing that caught my attention was this one room that was to my right as I entered! If I were to ever have a super tiny, intimate wedding, this is where it would be! It was well...gorgeous! I didn't get the chance to check the outside at all..but this was enough for me!

After snapping these few shots, I went and tried a few different wines. This place definitely saved the best wine for last! If you are ever in Napa and visit HAVE to try this dessert wine!

Well after our first stop, all the wineries were pretty much closed. But my cousin wanted to take me somewhere still for a little surprise! Little did I know what he had up his sleeve ;) When we got there, I was in heaven! He took me to Castello di Amorosa. If don't know me...well I basically LOVE ITALY, and would move there in a heart beat! I love it so much that I really am considering the move in the next year or two! (I really feel like I left my heart there a few years ago) If you have never been out of the country, and always wanted to see a piece of should definitely go and visit Castello di Amorosa! It's seriously a little piece of Tuscany in the heart of Napa! Anyway, it was getting really dark, so I went around and took a few pictures of the place!

This small day trip was such a little tease! But definitely a good one for me! Next time I really want to spend a weekend there and go explore! :)

I want to encourage you to take a day trip somewhere, or a weekend trip! Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to go and visit other states, and we forget that in our own state there is something we haven't seen or done! I definitely am at fault of doing the same! I think I've seen more of other states and countries than I ever have of California. I'm now visiting places in California that I've never been too, since I moved up to Portland! I know its tough, with the way the economy is going...but don't burn yourself out from all that work...a day trip somewhere near you won't break your check I encourage you to go out and explore! :)



Corina said...

wow diana!!! your pics are truly amazing!!! so so gorgeous!!! Good Job!!!

Jim Sullivan said...

Thank you for your comments about the Napa Valley and Castello di Amorosa. I hope you come back again.

Jim Sullivan
PR and Marketing Manager

Damaris Mia said...

Love the first 3 pictures. It looks SO romantic <3 Great photos!

Kellie Carter said...

I really need to start traveling with you girl!!!!! Awesome!!!

diana said...

corina- thank you! ;) miss you!

jim- thank you! i will definitely come back again for sure!


kellie- yes, please! lets travel together!!!