Saturday, April 03, 2010


I just want to take a moment and THANK every single one of you who have entered!
Every single story was so different, yet so lovely. They each put a smile on my face. :)
They made me hopeful as well, for whenever my day will come as well! (Still single at the moment, but it will come) hehe

Thank you for opening your hearts, and sharing all that you did with me.
It definitely was a tough decision.
But what really stood out to me was all the small things that were done along the way of this couples relationship that made me fall in love with their story! Remember a few posts back when I wrote about its the little things that make me smile?! Well it rang true for this certain bride as well!

Well with all that said...... Andria Woods and Scott Bissell you are the lucky winners! WOO HOO! CONGRATS!!!!!! I look forward to shooting your wedding! It's going to be an amazing day, I just know it!

Here is their story written by Andria:
Scott is a bartender and I am an accessories designer who has somehow been sidetracked into making wedding hair pieces for a few friends at the moment. (I guess my wedding can wait!)
We met at work (haven't heard that one, have you?) when I was a server at Bahama Breeze. We became friends after about a year or so. You could say Scott roped me in with his daily goody bags and adorable tiny surprises he'd have waiting for me at work- gumball machine toys and hidden post-it notes! He even had an article put in the paper that my manager happened to notice and show me at work! The kicker: one picket (from a white picket fence) with our initials on it. He told me we'd have the perfect home one day and the picket would be the start of our fence! He just wanted to be with me. 
Six years later we're planning our wedding after a touching engagement. It was my birthday which is a day after Valentine's Day. We went to our favorite restaurant, The Kingfish Cafe. Afterwards we went to the historic Edgewater for drinks. In the room he had Godiva chocolates, comfy jammies (I didn't know we had a room at the hotel), vintage Dom Perignon, and a handmade scrapbook. The book had pictures of all the places that were meaningful to us! The last page had a beautiful diamond ring tied with a black ribbon. He was already crying before I even noticed! It was so touching and I was so not expecting it!

Here is a picture of the lovely couple and also their location! LOVE IT!!!!

A handmade scrapbook?! Andria thats so awesome! That is just the sweetest!
And about the post-it notes...I used to do that to my sisters and really close friends, just wishing them a good day, and they would always tell me it put a smile on their face! So I love the fact that he would do that to you too! I hope he continues doing little things like that...continually throughout your marriage! Because it is the little things that counts the most!
Congrats once again! Please email me so we can set up a time to meet and chat!



Damaris Mia said...

Such a cute story! Love it :] Congrats to both of them :)

Andria Woods said...

Omg! I'm literally standing in line at the grocery store and just decided to see who the winner was!!! Thank you! My fiancé and I are over the moon!!! We can't wait to meet you! We are so grateful!

diana said...

andria- can't wait to meet you either!!! :)