Friday, February 26, 2010

Children's Portrait, Hillsboro, Oregon |Conner & Riley

Oh how much I LOVE kids! If you don't know me...well, I absolutely ADORE them!
I love how innocent they are, I love how they just speak the truth, I love how they are just so care free yet so compassionate and kind, I love that they are so motivated to learn and how curious they can be, I love that they have no fear, I love how the sky is the limit for them, I love how selfless they are, I love how they go after their dreams....well I could go on and on! I sometimes sit back and think to myself, why I don't have that same courage anymore, or drive to go after my dream because fear comes in my way.. just simply put a HUGE smile on my face. I miss working at my old preschool. :( I miss all my kids there! But the bright side is, I get to meet new little faces all the time through photography! And spending a few hours with them, playing with them, etc....well I love every second of it!

I had the honor of taking a few pictures a little while back of the cutest brother and sister, Conner and Riley!

Happy weekend everyone! :)


Damaris Mia said...

Very cute! love the pictures :) the colors are just awesome!

closertolovephotography said...

Diana, your photos never cease to amaze us. Continue shining in all you do and may the Lord richly bless you. :)

diana said...

damaris- thanks ;)

sam and natalia- thank you so much!! you always put the biggest smile on my face!