Monday, April 05, 2010

My sister's wedding!

Since I kept you in the loop all about my sister Lidia up until her BIG day, its only fair that I tell you all about the day now!
We were so very blessed to have had amazing weather. (Well...SUN!) I guess the week or two before the wedding, it was constantly raining! She got married at the Lake Arrowhead Resort on March 14th,2010! Despite being a bit cold, we had sun, and my sister looked all in all it was a really great day!
I think that I was more stressed out than my sister! haha She was so calm the entire morning. First off she didn't sleep one minute, but she was as happy as could be!
Lidia's dress was GORGEOUS...and she looked absolutely radiant!
I couldn't stop crying as she was walking down the aisle! But the moment she said "I DO" I was just so happy for her! Words cannot even describe!

Two of my amazing friends were the photographers! Our friend Jennifer, we grew up with her our whole lives...and I've known Jen since she was in 4th grade! :) My friend Lauren was her assistant. She has been an amazing close friend, and distantly related to me know for the past few years ;) We were so very blessed to have them be a part of my sisters day, and I couldn't thank you girls enough! I love you girls SO SO SO much!

I promised myself over and over and over again that I was going to shoot all day long at my sisters wedding! Did that happen?! Absolutely NOT! :( I was so mad at myself! I took one digital shot, and one polaroid and THAT'S IT! Seriously?! Here's the one shot I took of my beautiful sister!

Since I took absolutely no pictures, here are a few from my friend Lauren, she sent over a little sneak peak for us to see!
the sisters!
see that hair piece?!...(well a small part of it) my sisters and I, we decided to all wear it on our wedding day! 

Besides having these amazing girls take pictures....we had an amazing group of guys do the video! And when I mean amazing...I mean AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Drew and to the rest of the crew, I want to thank you SO SO SO much for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! I have constantly watched the video over and over and am in LOVE! It honestly was the greatest pleasure getting to meet you and getting to talk to you! You have to know, and I'm not just saying this, but everyone was calling/texting me that they have never seen a better video before! May God continue to bless you and Ben and the crew...seriously, you guys have major talent!!! I hope we are able to still keep in touch and see each other again in the near future! Again, thank you for everything!
Here is the preview to my sisters wedding...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Highlight: Andrei and Lidia from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.

Lidia and Andrei, I just love you guys to death! I am seriously so happy for you guys, and you two are so perfect for each other! I hope your love for each other will continually grow each day! May you two be blessed in all that you do!
Hurry up and move to Portland ;)


Lauren said...

Aww Diana I didn't know you girls were all planning to wear that hair piece at your weddings!! That's so cute :) Thanks so much again for inviting me and Adi! We had a blast! We love you guys!!

Kellie Carter said...

Sooooooo beautiful!!! Gorgeous!! I happened across the video one day and noticed a comment you had made that it was your sister!! What a small world this little internet is! =] Her day looked absolutely perfect and so happy!!

Jennifer Olariu said...

awww di that was such a touching post!!! there is nothing like sisterly love:) its so special!

diana said...

lauren- we were soo thrilled you and adi were able to come! THANK YOU!!

Kellie- Thank you!! :) and how funny you came across the video before ;) small world indeed!

jen- i love love love my sisters!