Saturday, March 06, 2010

My sister's bridal shower!

Just a little over a month ago, my sister Lidia had a bridal shower. When I flew home that weekend...well I didn't have to much sleep! I flew in Friday morning...and I went straight to setting up, buying flowers, etc! It was crazy busy...but in the end it turned out beautiful! I was so happy that when I got home later that afternoon, I got a new backdrop in the mail from Drop it Modern. The timing couldn't have been perfect! We initially were not going to use the backdrop, but we all thought it went well with the we used it!
It was quite hard having to help plan this shower from another state. My sister Nicky and I were always researching on things at home, and we would skype each other all the time to talk things over, etc! That was our daily routine. But when it came down to having to go to the store and help with things, it was a little difficult. So my sister asked our friends to help her out! Lidia knew everything that she wanted, she just needed help putting it together, and that's where our friends Jennifer and Maria came in from Encore Events. Thank you ladies for helping us out, and helping us set up everything, etc! We couldn't have done it without you! *especially making those flower balls...those took forever! haha!*

Early Saturday morning, my mom, sister and I went to downtown LA at the flower district! OMG do I love that place! My sister had wanted different flowers for her flower arrangements...but I finally convinced her to change her mind, and got white mums!  My mom had quite a good amount of mason jars, so that is what we used for our flower arrangements!
Here is how the rest of the room looked like, after we finished decorating, arranging, etc!

As all the ladies came in, I quickly ran around to take a extra couple of shots of things we had just put on the tables! I didn't get the chance to take any pictures of the food, or half of the dessert table..because well those ladies were hungry..and they beat me to it! haha! So I didn't really have much to take! But the food was delicious! :)

there were about 130 ladies at my sisters bridal shower! Sounds crazy, right?! Well...that's how us Romanian/American's do it! haha! I dont know any other way! During our bridal showers...we usually have a few people speak and give advice for the bride to be, sing some songs, eat and open presents! YES...presents! It's tradition for us to give presents at the bridal shower, in order to help the couple off with getting started in their new place together, etc. At a Romanian wedding...well basically there is no present table. We give money at order to again, help start the couple on the right foot, etc. That's how we do it...and I absolutely love it! It's how I grew up...but I don't think I would have it any other way! It's such a blessing to know that you have an awesome group of family and friends to help support you like that! It shows they care, and how much they love you! :) Ok...back to the pictures! ha!
I dont know what we were laughing at...but I <3 this picture!
here's lidia, telling everyone how she met andrei!
 all her gifts + some more you can't really see ;)

After Lidia opened up all her gifts, we decided to take pictures with the backdrop! I won't post too many pictures, because this post is long enough! ha! But I hope you enjoyed this little story, that is a huge part of my life ;)

backdrop: drop it modern
yellow and white flower balls: martha stewart
lidia's dress: sarah seven


elena w said...

congrats to your sister!
love the lemons and lemonade theme :)

Stacy Able said...

what a gorgeous family you have!!! I love the flowers and those tiny cupcakes! :)

Gabrielle Cocian said...

diana, those detail shots on the top of this entry are just delightful! i love it!

lygia gherebean said...

it looked like such a beautiful event and my favorite pic is the one with all of u laughing and looking every which way. i started laughing as if i was right there with u.

Jennifer said...

ok, lidia-you look ABSOLUTLY STUNNING! And u to diana and nicky!

CornyCornKorens said...

Wow, wow, wow! Now that is what I call a bridal shower! How do you know that many people?!?!?

maria said...

Fantastic photos!

Jennifer Olariu said...

everything came together so well!! diana the photos are stunning! thank you for the shout out!

Diana Lupu said...

Love everything! it turned out so great! and that backdrop was such an awesome touch!!! funny thing is, the wrapping paper actually matched it! haha oh and of course lidia looked beautiful! congrats!!!

diana said...

elena- thank you!!!

stacy- thanks so much hun ;) miss ya!

gaby- thank you!!! :) wish you were there!

lyg- im glad that you felt that you were there ;) we def missed you!

jennifer- thanks so much!!! xoxo

maria and jen- thanks! and thank you for all of your help!

diana- thank you love!