Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 1 of Portland, Oregon!

I've been here in Oregon for just over a week now, and this past weekend, was my first free time from working on my place! Saturday I got booked for two senior portrait photoshoots! I was super excited for that...

But since I've been constantly working on my place, I just never had the chance to go around town to search for places to take pictures at for Saturday! Mid week, I emailed a handful of photographers that I found online, that had some awesome locations in some of their shots, that was similar to what my the girls wanted for Saturday for their shoots! So, I kindly asked for some help with locations and such. To my surprise, I was not told any locations by anyone who I asked! Every email I received back where all kind of rude and simply no one wanted to tell me anything!
I immediately started thinking of home "cali" and how much different it is there! All the photographers out there that I look up to, have met personally... like: Jasmine Star, Bobby Earle, David Jay, Becker, etc at the smugmug meet and greets are all so kind, willing to help you out, share experiences, etc!
I felt so disappointed, or let not even sure of the exact feeling I was feeling at the moment, but sad for sure! After hearing over and over from all these amazing, talented pro photographers, and them talking about having a close community, talking, sharing, etc...I had the expectation that I was going to have that here in Portland! And boy, was I wrong! I immediately looked up to see if there are any smugmug meetings in or around the area,so I can possibly have the opportunity to meet some nice people in the area, and to my luck, there was none! I was totally bummed out!

As bummed out as I am, I am going be the change that I can be, here in Portland! Its such a great city, I am not going to be like all the rest of the photographers out here! I am willing to lend a helping hand and talk to others, etc! I will be nice and definitely not rude to other photographers! My only fear is of moving here, is not getting clients so easily...because I am new in town...but new or not I know I will treat everyone with the kindness and respect everyone deserves!


Damaris Mia said...

:( sorry to hear that! I hope it all works out for you! If they don't help you, help yourself. I'm sure you can find even better places to take photos. Keep it up!

Damaris Mia

Diana Lupu said...

I feel your pain my dear... =(

chatti said...

We are also thinking of moving to portland and very worried because we don't know anyone or have any connection with other photogs there...just recently started the photography business and builing a network in colorado where we now live (girl, i'm from cali too). having read your blog, i hope to comeday meet you and we can build a portland community that is helpful, understanding and just plain nice.

diana said...

i just saw your comment!
thank you so much for writing!
are you still in colorado, or have you moved yet?! I'll be going to WPPI this year, and would love to meet you and connect! email me, so we can keep in touch!