Sunday, September 20, 2009


Some of you know, that I just moved to Portland,Oregon a few days ago, from California!
It still hasn't hit me just yet. I still feel that I'm on some sort of vacation, only unpacking tons of boxes in involved this time!
My first full day, as an Oregonian...I unpacked everything from the car, and then went with my cousins to Chuck E Cheese! haha!
Anyway, on my drive up from Cali, I stopped a few hours in Sacramento, and shot a maternity shoot. Here is a sneak peek!


Anonymous said...

yay finally a new addition to your blog!

diana said...

Thank you!
I know, I've been a real slacker, because of all the moving, etc!
But I am going to try to be real consistent on updating my blog more often!
Thank you for your comment!