Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My wish came true!

I have grown up listening to Celine Dion my whole entire life. I have always loved her, her music, her voice, etc!
When Celine started playing at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas...I honestly tried to go to her concert SOOO many times! Each time was a failure...due to sold out tickets, or tickets that were over $800! When I heard she wasn't going to be singing there anymore, I tried so hard to find tickets to go to one of her last shows....and that was simply impossible!

Anyway...Celine began touring. My mom and sister Nicky surprised me for my 24th birthday, to buy me tickets to her concert! I went to the concert on Nov. 29th.(saturday night)...and took one of my best friends Kendra with me. It was the best ever! And my wish to see her in concert finally came true, thanks to my mom and sister!
Thank you soooo much for making my wish come true! The concert was AMAZING! Celine is BEAUTIFUL....and what made the night even better, because as she was walking out, Kendra and I were about 50 feet away from her! Also, on our drive home, Kendra and I saw a shooting star! It was the perfect way to end our evening together! :)

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