Friday, November 28, 2008

Martina & Daniel Leu

Well, I figured, since blogging pictures is the new thing to do...that I will start off with this Maternity photoshoot I did today.

The maternity photoshoot, turned into just a normal photoshoot, since they don't have many pictures together...! :)

I have known Martina for what seems like forever! She is one of my best friends. And I am soo blessed to have her in my life. Her and Daniel are newlyweds. They were married at the beginning of the year. And let me tell you...that they are the cutest married couple that I know! :) I can see the love they have for eachother.....and the love they have for God....and I LOVE IT! I am soo happy for Martina...because she was blessed with one amazing husband...and I couldn't picture her with any other guy! :)

Anyway....they are expecting a baby girl, in February 2009!
I am so thrilled for Daniel and Martina....and I love them both to death! :)

Here are my top favorites from all the pictures! I had tons of fun taking pictures of them today! Daniel cracks me up! :) haha are the was really hard to narrow them down!

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