Friday, September 19, 2008

Chicago Sept. 11-15,2008

What an amazing time I had!

Our main reason of going, was for Joe and Dana's Wedding! :) (Which was an amazingly beautiful wedding) And besides the wedding, we wanted to see all of our friends again. Its been a year since we've last seen it was about time we went again and visited! :) haha

Although, I was not expecting the weather to be super rainy the whole time spent with my friends is all that mattered...even if we didn't do too much! Spending some quality time is all that really matters!

I am soo glad that I got to see everyone again! I am even more excited of the new two friends I made! :) They are two amazing people...:) I am excited for this new friendship, and what's to become of it. One of my new friends, promised to take me to the Grand Canyon! :) YAY! I am really looking forward to that trip! :) are some pics of our trip! I cannot wait to visit all my friends again next year! :) And next time...I am going to stay for like 2 weeks...:) im already looking forward to it! :)

us with amazing person...and very funny....he took
us all around chicago all weekend! thanks adi!

nicky and damaris! :)

alin and i :) my little bro! :)

us with our new two friends.....romi and beni :) their amazing!

my beautiful sisters

the wedding party

nicky, dave, adi, me :)

adi & nicky

nicky with fibi....the cutest flower girl ever!

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