Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Feb. 12th, 2006 - Sunday
So today, they took us on a tour of where our school is going to be. There are two different locations for our classes. They showed us both. They gave us time to go around and have some lunch before we had to all go our separate ways to our apartments. Right behind our school, if you look straight ahead down this little ally, you can see these huge gates! Tiff and I were really interested what it was, so we asked our coordinator Alessia and she told us that it’s a Villa. It belongs to one of the wealthiest person here in Rome! CRAZY!!!! Anyway…we all started going our separate ways for lunch…but we all had no idea where we were going, so we ended up at the same place. Us girls (my roommates and I) didn’t want to eat at a really small place with 50 people because it was going to take forever! So we left and went somewhere else and we found the cutest little restaurant. When we walked in there was only another couple that was there. By the time we left, it was full of Italians! We were so happy…..we found a really great Italian restaurant were all the locals go….and the people who owned the place were so nice and welcoming….we definitely knew that we were going to go there again! After lunch we all went on different busses, cars, etc to get to our apartments. We were all so anxious to see where we were going to end up. We got the biggest bus….and we were the first ones to get dropped off to our apartment! We were a little scared, because of all the stories we have heard that they might be bad….etc….no elevators and so on! The major street that they dropped us off on, was super nice….filled with all these places to go shopping! We met with our landlord and we walked in….and we saw an elevator! Haha we were really happy because we were on the 4th floor….technically the 5th…and with our luggage’s we would have broken our backs to carry all of them up to our apartment! We walked in…..and were sooo happy! It was nicer than we expected! There are 3 bedrooms….and I already told you how we all split up…..2 in each room! We wanted to start unpacking….but we didn’t! lol we started moving furniture around….etc to make things look a little better and a bit more comfortable! As you walk in to our apartment….you see two huge long “MIRRORS” and a very long hallway as you turn to your left. As you walk down the hallway…there is a really extremely small bathroom on your right, and then on your left is Vikki and my room. Right after you pass our room…there is a full sized bathroom on your right, followed by a kitchen on your right, and on the left hand side across the kitchen is Brina and Lisa’s room…..and if you just go straight down the hallway, you walk straight into Kendra and Tiffany’s room! It’s not the best description of how our apartment looks like lol but that’s all I can do! So after we moved everything around….then we finally started to unpack! But not everything….because it was getting late….and we had to get ready to go meet everyone for another dinner together! Everyone was soo tired at dinner! I sat with Tiff, Bri and Lisa…we kept telling each other to wake up! Bri actually fell asleep at one point while we were waiting for our main course to be served! Tonight’s dinner was super good though! We had pasta for appetizer, then chicken with potatoes and peas and salad for main course, then my favorite………Tiramisu for dessert! Doesn’t that sound good?! Well, let me tell you……….it was!!!!! We weren’t paying attention on how we even got to the restaurant that night…because we were following our coordinator person, Alessia, for this trip….and when we left the restaurant…we were slightly lost…..then we headed back towards the restaurant, and found our way home……hehe which was good. We all went to bed, we were crazy tired! Tiff and I had to wake up the earliest for our first class which started at 9 am.

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omg those pictures are sooooo beautiful!