Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FEB 11 2006

Feb. 11th, 2006 – Saturday
Wake up call was at 7 am. It was very hard to really know what time it was, because there wasn’t a clock or anything for us to tell time! We went and had a little breakfast that the hotel provides. It was pretty good. Although I really really miss my orange juice from home! The one here tastes a little watered down! L So we got on our motor coach, and they took us throughout the city, I saw LeVonne (one of my teachers) looking out the window waiting to see something, so I tell Vikki to look with me too. And a minute later, we see the Colosseum! I think that’s when it mostly hit me that I was in Rome. Dennis…..I thought of you when I saw it…..there wasn’t any way for me to chip you off a piece of it though…sorry! I’ll try later though when I go back to it! J Anyway…so we took a tour around the Colosseum, and then we walked over to the Roman Forum! This place is amazing! There is SOO much history behind the Forum, and it just kind of leaves you in awe….at least it did for me! Then we went to this huge national building. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. Then we walked over to the Pantheon….and after seeing that, we had a small lunch break, then we all went back to our hotel…and had a group meeting. They passed out our international student id cards and our bus/metro pass! Then Vikki and I went in our room and we just fell asleep. We were soo exhausted! We only wanted to take a little nap, but we ended up sleeping about 6 hours. During that time, my mom and Lidia called me, but I was so out of it, that I couldn’t think or even speak! Anyway…so we woke up…and Vikki and I were starving!!!!!! We wanted to eat so badly. So we went to go check to see what the rest of the girls were doing, and all the girls were gone except Bri….she was sleeping too! So we woke her up, because then we wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all during the night! Oh…..while she was getting ready to leave, I saw a box of ……guess what….WHEAT THINS!!! J oh….it reminded me of home and of a bunch of people….you know who you are ;) so….we went up on the ceiling, because a bunch of people were up there….it was way cold, so we left….and this guy who totally likes Vikki- his name is Michael or Mike…wanted to go with us downstairs! So I went ahead of them and he came down with her…and he wanted to show off to her, by jumping on one foot down all the stairs. (What a dork lol) he looked really funny….and then all of a sudden; I hear a big noise…..on the last stair…..HE FELL! Lol he got up and made it seem that his ankle didn’t hurt. So he came with me, Vikki and Bri to go find something to eat. So we left and found two restaurants that were open. We wanted to eat at the cheaper one, and when we went inside and told them in Italian how many people….they told us that it was full! We were a little upset, because they weren’t full….only about half the restaurant was filled with people, and then they let other people in after us. So we ended up going to another restaurant. We had a really nice waiter! We asked for plain, no gas, water and it still tasted like mineral water…but it was stronger than mineral water, and Bri and I didn’t like it, so we of course….like I do with just normal tap water…..guess what I did Eva?! Lol yup……..that’s right….I squeezed a few lemons in it! J So after dinner, we got back to our hotel, and we didn’t know what to do. We wanted to do our homework, but that never happened. So I ended up writing most of my postcards to everyone! So be expecting them….because I sent them out! Then we went to bed around 4 am and woke up at 7 am again, and now they were going to take us to our apartments!
Speaking about apartments, before I came to Rome, they had asked us who we want as a room mate and to chose up to 6 people for a whole apartment. So there was 6 girls, and they somehow messed up some things while we were back in the states with our situation and stuff, and there was not much they could do about it, because it was all going to be taken care by the people in charge here in Rome. So not until today, did we find out exactly who our roommates were going to be and if we would have gotten what we suggested! All 6 of us girls, seriously prayed soooooo much for us to be together, and once they started calling out all of our names, WE WERE SOO HAPPY! So, here are the girls I’m with. Diana & Vikki in one room, Lisa and Bri in the other room and Kendra and Tiffany in the other room!

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more great pictures! i need to see all of these when you are back in the states and i'm down in cali!