Monday, March 30, 2009

Decisions...decisions = confusion....!

As some of you know, I will be moving to Portland,Oregon at the beginning of June this year!

Its totally a bitter sweet feeling, because I am going to miss California soooo much, but I will be with my youngest sister living in Portland, in our own place...which is the sweet & great part! :)

I am in need of some help! I have never really designed my own bedroom, or put my taste in it really, because my dad has always decorated our house...and never really let us have a say for what we want, etc!

I have a few options in mind...of things that I've always wanted!My ultimate favorite colors have always been: black, white, grey, red, purple, turquoise, & pink. Of course...there is specific shades of the last 4 colors that I really like....

So, with those colors, I've always dreamed of a purple room.

*ALL the pictures I posted, is me just looking at the wall color really! Except for the last two pictures with the baby in them....i love that whole room entirely! :)*

I'm not the biggest fan of light/lavendar purple...I like the more dark purple hues! As I was searching online.....and stumbled upon some colors/pictures of purple rooms....I've come to the conclusion that the dark purple might be a bad choice for me! :(

My reasoning for that is because, Portland tends to be more dark, gloomy and rainy for most of the year....and I can't imagine coming into a room thats also dark...

Even though I would love the dark purple...I dont know how I would be able to make the room more vibrant and i wanna say happy! I dont want to go from being outside in the gloomy weather to a dark kinda gloomy bedroom!

So, after i searched for purple....i started to look for grey! And i stumbled upon the same situtation! :( and was super bummed out!

i really like this room for some reason!

I never really thought of red in my room. always liked black, white, grey and purple! haha goodness gracious.....i have no clue what I'm gonna do....and I'm totally stressing out about it, even though I have about 2 months or so to figure it out.

Well..............since I'm always of my favorite photographers, posted a recent family photoshoot she done. And she posted 2 pictures of the couples bedroom! I absolutely fell in love!

And I think it if I would do something along the same lines....that when I'd walk in my room after a gloomy portland day, that I will be happy seeing more vibrant rich colors?!

Goodness..........maybe im wrong! Im not an interior desginer! So I wouldn't have a clue! haha

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or references you may have to help me design my furture bedroom! thanks soooooooo much! :)



Diana Lupu said...

Oh sweetie...tough choices! I personally like the last photographs the most as well. The beautiful turquoise has always been a color of tranquility to me. It reminds of the exact opposite of Portland (lol)...a beautiful island with crystal clear water the exact color of those walls! Combined with the black and white it is muted and sophisticated. But combined with other brights (think coral), or even grays (since you like that)and then accented with happy colors (I've even seen it with red and its FAB). Whatever you do, don't forget to ask your talented sister for advice! Two heads are always better...PLUS she's a design student so that helps too! hehe Hope all goes well and do keep us updated!

Gabrielle said...

I like the gray bedrooms... i love plush bed back panels. if i were you i'd stick to grays taupes and whites as the neutrals and pull in plum mauve and light blues or light green. i'd even do a wall or all walls a dark gray, with white window treatments! has some beautiful things for ideas!
whatever you do will be awesome, i'm sure!