Sunday, November 23, 2008

mmm mmmm good!

Almost 3 years ago....I lived in Rome....and studied there for 4 months.
While I was there, I went to a small, quaint little restaurant called Spirito Di Vino ...
which has become very popular recently. :)
My first visit at the restaurant...was when my mom and Lidia came to visit me for a week.
And the owner and his son loved us! They were wonderful as well. 
I have never been a fan of Creme Brulee. I guess because I just have had bad experiences with different restaurants in the states. My sister ordered it...and I figured I would try a small little bite! Well I ended up having 2 orders of it! haha It was AMAZING! BEST i've ever tasted!

So, I asked Francesco if we could get the recipe! Suprisingly that night was his mother's (the chef) birthday! So we went into the kitchen, sang her a very happy birthday....and she was kind and gracious enough to give us the recipe to her wonderful tasting creme brulee. 

After this wonderful dinner....Francesco had invited me to come to the restaurant whenever I felt like it...and the creme brulee would be on matter how many times I would go! I surely took him up on his offer! :) What a wonderful and giving family! I went a few times...right before the restaurant would open...and enjoyed making new friends!

Since then, I've been ordering the creme brulee at restaurants....and nothing seemed up to par with the one I had in Italy! I finally found the recipe after misplacing it...because it was written on a very small sheet of paper!

So I am excited to be making creme brulee today! :) mmmmm mmmmm I CANNOT WAIT!

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