Wednesday, November 05, 2008


From the hearts and minds of Denis Reggie, Bambi Cantrell and Joe Buissink comes a new broadcast network for photography lovers of every stripe: The Photography Network at
Finally, a 24/7/365 network that explores the people, places and all things photography… think Food Network or HGTV, but with Photography front and center. And viewing is FREE… just a click away on the web.
Dozens of talented networkerbees are busy producing hundreds of hours of edu-tainment featuring webisodes that inspire and educate viewers on the inner workings of some of the world’s top photographers, studios, and real world assignments.
In addition to fun and entertaining programming, PNTV viewers will be invited to join the community and showcase favorite images, network with other impassioned photographers and enthusiasts, compete in contests, and interact with knowledgeable experts.
Sign up now to be first to receive word as the beta site launches later this year. The full network launches in the first quarter of 2009. Visit to stay informed as the network comes alive.

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