Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tuscany Wedding Photography | Italy Workshop with Jose Villa and Gene Higa

I had the blessing and the most amazing opportunity to be able to go to Italy for a workshop that was hosted by the truly talented Jose Villa and Gene Higa!
I have been a huge fan of Jose Villa's work, and when I heard he was offering one in Tuscany, the timing for it couldn't have been more perfect for me!
This was my first workshop, and had no idea what to expect! I gained so much from the whole experience though, and not only did I gain a ton of information on what to do business wise, I gained a bunch of new friends from all over the world! :)

A huge shout-out and big hugs to all my new friends! It was so wonderful getting to meet all of you! I cannot wait till we meet for our reunion....Bali?!:) You all are constantly on my mind, and I miss you all very much!
Here's everyone I met! They all are such awesome photographers...check out their sites if you can, and leave them some love! Arkadi Fomintsev, Cathy Kovach, Troy Woods, Jen Badalamenti, Jyllian M. Victoria, Molly Michel, Laura Ivanova, Jeff Wilson, Sara Doaldsonn, Lara Hanlon, Alicia Swedenborg, Stacy Brogan Able, Bob Davis, Kristen Wood, Melissa Scholllaert, Katie Murphy, Mireen Kierzek, Yazy Raclawski, Corina de Stefani, Lelia Scarfiotti, and finally but not least Kurstin Roe!

Ok...So I'm sure you are just waiting for the pictures! Here they are!!! :)

On this particular day, we shot at the Fontebussi, and we split up in 5 groups if I remember correctly. We were asked at one point to go around the villa and take some detailed here's a few of my favorite shots!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the models! They were amazing....and I want to thank them for all their patience with all of us! :)
Special thanks to the models:
Omar was paired with Georgia (pictures 1-9)
Giordano was paired with Valentina (pictures 10-15)

I want to thank Matthew Johns for the amazing stylist that he is, and Mar for the amazing hair and make-up that she did on the models!! You two honestly did such a great job! :) Also....I'd like to thank Olia Zavozina for designing these beautiful dresses that you see in pictures 1-9, and for letting us use them!

Well, on our last day...Jose Villa and Gene Higa decided to surprise all the attendees with a day trip to Florence! I've been quite a few times, so I didn't take many pictures this time. I just went and enjoyed myself with my new friends! And then later that night, was our last night & definitely was not fun saying goodbye :( I can't wait for our reunion!!

I want to stop and thank every single person that put this workshop together and worked behind the scenes even the week while we were there! Big and special thanks to Jen Curtis for all the hard work you did, and making sure everything went smoothly! Also a big thank you to Ann Hamilton and Joel Serrato for all that you did as well! :) Again, thank you to Matthew Johns for styling our models, and to Mar for the fabulous hair and make-up, and Olia Zavozina to for letting us use your beautiful dresses you designed! Thank you to Fontebussi for having us, and a big thank you to the Cioncolini family for hosting us at your villa as well -La Selva Giardino del Belvedere....and Maria and her daughter for the wonderful food!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Jose Villa and Gene Higa for everything! Words cannot explain how grateful I am, for what the both of you have done for me! I love you guys!! <3


Anonymous said...

This is the best work I have seen yet! I told you already but I'll tell you again. I LOVE your detail collage!!! anyways just wanted to be the first to comment :)

Jasmine said...

So beautiful and I'm stoked you had such a nice time! :)

Gabrielle said...

i love the collage! i would hang that in my house... for reals!

Anonymous said...

proud of you sis! you just keep getting better and better!!! you are working that camera!!!

Anonymous said...

<3 nicky

Alicia Swedenborg said...

Hey beautiful! L.o.v.e your photos from the workshop - my favorite is the close up on Omar. Stunning. :)
Big hug,

Beki said...

I lllllooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeee
your black and whites!
But then again, I am in love with black and white! <3 <3 Awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

these photos are absolutly beautiful!!! I LOVE the collage at the top, and the black & whites!!!

Stacy Brogan said...

Loving your detail college and of course omar ;) You should totally make a canvas of the detail college.. just stunning!!

Can't wait to see you soon in Chicago and WPPI!!

Kendra said...

i love the black and whites! very italian wedding vogue! hehe i'll have to consider these for my special event!! <3 u!

Anonymous said...

GREAT job! :) I love them all, but LOVE so many of them!

--Lara Hanlon

Yazy said...

I love all of your pictures!! It brings back so many beautiful memories :) xoxoxoxo

kristen wood said...

great job diana!! you captured the whole trip beautifully. missing it so much!!

Kia Gregory said...

Awesome opportunity! Beautiful images too!

Jyllian said...

I am absolutely in love with the b&w shot of Giorgia in the hat...gorgeous! I hope all is well with you lady.


Amod said...

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elena w said...

oh my word!! awesome ...everything! :)

Kate Bolson said...

So jealous! These are awesome!!